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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati 6  CBS  January 26, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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how extra security cameras and surveilians can help police catch criminals. finding a new partners and friends, what an ohio officer is looking for as he gets a new cam. we will get the top stories. >> it feels right balmy out there. believe it or not, it's going to go the other way. >> the 50s that we saw overnight not lasting for long. the cold front is moving through right now. the temperatures are starting to drop in the 30s in part of the area, the rain that we had earlier. no problems with any black ice this morning. 47 in lufkin, 46 in alex an an alexandria, and they have an update every half hour to every hour. i wouldn't be surprised to see the temperatures drop in the
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these are sustained winds at the southwest, and in fact, they're seeing the switch over for the whipped coming from west. we talked about how the wind direction is going to shift, now that the cold front is going to move on in. temperatures are dropping in the 30s, 34 degrees bit ride home and the bus stop. coming up we will talk about flurries that will move in with the cooler weather, and 50s will return next weekend. we have cool photos of that blizzard that happened, and what 275 looks like in the middle of a blizzard. more on that coming up in 15 minutes. >> reporter: speaking of fotties, i wanted to start with twitter page because i wanted to show you photos of what is going on i-71, off of kenwood road. lots of flashing lights and a cracked vehicle, apparently there's a chase going. somebody stole something from the door, and police are chasing the person, and now apparently
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officers around the area of i-71 near kenwood road searching for the the suspect. if you see the flashing lights in the area, that is what is going ocker the police -- what is going on, the police chase that so foot. the camera is not pointing it, that is why i wanted to point it out from the pictures. you will see flashing lights and that is what is going on. we have no other problems to report at this time. good. we will let you know when things start to slow down or we see any other issues. right now back to sheila. residents join in the conversationed last night at the special community input meeting in evansville. and adam clements joins us. >> reporter: if you missed us at 5:00, we told you about mayor john cranially setting aside $5 million for the witness
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it's about the community staying tight-lipped about these violent crimes. if they know it's a way out, maybe they will be more likely to talk. mayor cranially says overall crime rates in cincinnati are aren't that bad. they are comparable to all the other cities. it's the violence that is the hurdle that we got to get over. the police officer chief isaac, says we have so many people coming together for this concern it's a step in the right direction. >> our citizens are earring to be involved, you care about their community and i think it shows. >> reporter: also addressed at last night's meeting drugs on the streets, high unemployment rate, lack of models on the streets. adam clements, back to you in the studio. a total of 5 community meetings will be held next
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specific police district in the city. >> up next is district 3 in west wood next meeting. our lives are under surveillance. >> but one local police officer wants to use the cameras to stop crimes. any business can enter a website, and their cameras and some business owners say they only go so far in granting access to the cameras. >> i'm not going to give my private ip address and password and stuff, ask they're very understanding with that, too. a lot of privacy issues for us and our customers. police say the registry is voluntary. to learn more about this program, go to it's going to take more money to fix an aging local road. engineers estimate it will cost $280 million to repair the western hills viaduct. the mayor says the city and county can't cover it, so it will take state and federal
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freight fund projects could pay for the work. a new poll workers will be hired and more trainers, too. the idea is to add more trouble shooters who can add technical issues to the board, and hire more high school students to work. in october there were delays because of problems with ipads used to sign in. former president bill clinton is coming to cincinnati. he is leading a fundraising lunch downtown to drum up support for his wife, democratic representative, hillary clinton. to go to the lunch, you need at least $1,000. it's set for february 12. this football season is not officially dead yet, but the bengals say they're raising home prices next season. the season tickets will be for 2016, will reasonable reasonable $215.
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instead of 5 to $95 as it was last year. w much to many, cursive in schools is gone or optional across the tri-state. but now there's a chance that cursive could be back in indiana. it could make cursive writing as part of the curriculum. it's in the house, where failed proposals have failed in the past. police officer right side loyal and loved friends. an ohio officer from canton recently lost his partner in a shooting, but now he is trying to find a new one. his canine partner gentlemen gethro was shot. and davis is at the houston academy trying to choose a new dog. >> so many factors in looking for the right canine minus probable -- mine is emotionally
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i think it's been therapeutic helping in the healing process. and they are, in every sense of the word a partner for these police officers, but they are loved members of the family. i can understand why he would be emotional about choosing a new partner. >> yeah, i mean it's a new pet pat home is a member of the family, but for that guy, he took that pet with him to work, too. >> and that partner would give his life for him. >> he did in that case. >> just like a hue mon human would? and he will be a partner, other than something terrible happened to jethro. >> he will find the right one. 6:07, 45 degrees. sloppy joe's, ching and burgers -- chicken and burgers, and add vegan to all of that.
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>> we will see if i can be 6:10, this morning in sin siren refine, we just landed in vegan heaven. know he when i said, vegan sloppy joe's. some people are going to say, no thanks, but they haven't tried the new hunt. the cafe has tons of items from
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grilled cheese, vegan burgers and wraps, soups, and even vegan chocolate cake. it's fast, high quality, and so oh, healthy. if you haven't given vegan a try, loving nuts might be the one. brandon. the cold front is moving into the international airport. temperatures are starting to fall around 45 degrees. we hit 50 overnight last night and it won't be long before we're in the 30s, and the noon hour we're in the 30s, middle 30s just' degree above freezing, by 5:00 bit evening commute with a few flurries around. there's a new warm up and we willty tail how high temperatures are coming up in 15 minutes. now for a check on traffic. jen. >> reporter: we have been telling you all morning for about the past hour or so, there's been a police situation going on around kenwood road, and that is because of an earlier incident where somebody
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they went on a police chase, they were chasing them and crashing on 71 near kenwood. i will show you some pictures on my traffic cam, from what is standing there. you can't see any issues on the interstate, but on kenwood road right near i-71, you're still on foot trying to find the suspect. right now the interstates are fine, john. the slow clean up is
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also home at last, how a new report says isis plans special forces in europe. the report from europe law enforcement agency, on the ways that sigh isis changes. soft target like movie theaters have the biggest impact. and the isis are young and they don't have to be religious. it happened at orange county. orange county said that the escapees cut through a quarter metal inch metal plate. propelled 4-5 stories using sheets them. believe a fight that happened around 8:00 p.m. on friday night was staged to distract everybody
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happening now the blizzard clean sup still underway after inches to feet of snow shutdown the east coast. and washington d.c. federal buildings are shutdown right now. the house of representatives has canceled votes for the spire week. some travelers are feeling the pain as travelers are trying to get back to normal. several thousand flights were canceled, including 1800 yesterday. >> cancellations, they have been rolling all of the cancellations over. i'm thrilled to be getting out on time, and heading back to new orleans. so far 38 deaths have been blamed on the weather. many from' people trying to dig themselves out. imagine being stranded in this for 24 hours. hundreds of drivers were stranded on the pennsylvania turnpike. a group of students is back home and sharing the story. the snow was coming down, but they were still safe, best driver was doing an awesome job,
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safe, that is when the bus stopped. >> 37 owensboro students were on their way from the march for life rally from washington d.c. they were not sure how long they would be stuck, but 30 minutes turned into hours. many student were using snap chat and text message and other forms of media to chiewn indicate communicatewith family. it was a total of 20 hours that they were stuck. the turnpike coming from washington d.c. in the snow, nothing like that, but i can see why the bus driver would pull over. that road is scary without any feet of snow anyway. >> you know, and i know it wasn't 24 hours, but just right down the road on i-75, 100 miles away. >> they had 12 hours, so it's -- >> you don't have food with you. on that bus, they probably had snacks. >> the bathroom situation is
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>> a bunch of teen agessers on the bus -- teenagers on the bus, what would go wrong with snaz. not the teenagers because they got a little rancor there first. >> the natural odor that comes with that age. [ laughter ] >> let get a look at roads. >> we are now clear on the roads. they are apparently clearing up the situation on 71 near kenwood road. we view been have been telling you for a while there was a police chase going on, one suspect where the person reportedly stole coming from wal-mart, red bank, they left, and police chased them, and they were coming up the ramp on i-71. the vehicle tore out of the way, and everything is clear. we are waiting to learn if they caught the suspect or not. from the traffic standpoint everything is clear. as we look at the interstate, everything is quiet.
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volume of traffic is picking up. i-71-between 275 and the bridge, nothing unusual yet, we are having the typical delay going on out there. nothing unusual. we look pretty food. it's a bit gsh pretty -- pretty good. it feels really good, but it's going to drop. so grab the coat. >> the cold front is coming through the of downtown right you no we will be in the 30s not too far from now. but we're still talking about the snow blizzard 20 years ago. that is i-74 which is the exit to get up to i-75. completely empty. it's hard to tell how much snow is on the road there. this other picture, you may not understand what it is, you know one of those cise mom graphs that measures earthquakes, it measures the pressure, and the snow is so strong, that the pen, because they didn't have
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>> reporter: this is what, '78. >> this was 30 years ago. but certainly back in the '70s. more pictures of the international airport what it was like that. you should see the drifts, because they had 50 to 60 miles per hour, and the drifts were envied ibl. envied incredible, now we're not dealing with any snow. it's most of the showers leaving us and we're dry for most day today until we start to see flurries move later. outside still looking up at butler county, that is where the cold front is moving in first. you can see through, hamilton is 47, it was 50 not too long ago, now down to 42, hamilton in the middle seeing that is where the cold front is moving in now. as well as the airport, starting in. we see winds switch on to the west, from international airport up toward hamilton as the cold front moves in.
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linking us 30 mills 30 miles per hour, as we were coming up the bridge, she would say, it was blowing her card around earlier this morning, too. keep that in mind, the temperature was blowing out, unusually warm, and we're going to be in the 30s, 34 only a couple of degrees above freezing by 5:00. we are going to keep the cloud around, those will stick with us, we could see a few flurries, the chance right side not great, we're not getting a lost accumulation -- 8 lot of coum lation. we are not looking at any black ice on any of the roadways, most the roads the temperatures freezing, so that is good news if you're headed out the door. threat the clouds, and the out across the west. here is where the cold frond, and the temperatures -- the cold front, and the temperatures are over toward 34 in indianapolis. the cold front is pushing through the area. by 8:00 is just east of
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that we see later, this area in gray embedded flurries from time to time. high pressure moves in and now. we're talking about temperatures in the 50s by the time we get around to the weekend. it's going to get really, really nice, it's going to be several days of temperatures rising up through the 40s, we're going to see that by thursday, 43 by friday, still can't rule out a few flurries, when temperatures are going to be around 28 degrees, for most part, what we're watching is a big warm up by the weekend. saturday 54 degrees, well above the average for this time of year. although that is not record-breaking. we see temperatures into the 60s this time of year, but still nonetheless, it's been a while since we have seen 60s, and it's sticking around for next week as well john. it's different types of
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are a woman and having a heart trending now transgender athlete can compete in the summer games without surgery. the medical chiefs will be a milestone and the history, transgender athlete will be allowed in the olympics in 2004,
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two years of hormone therapy. look at this guy, he is a sloth trying to cross the road, but this cute little guy was trying to cross a busy highway in ecuador. he was getting a lot of attention, he was rescued by the transit authority, and up dates about his health is soothing. this sloth was vekd by a checked by a vet. he is fine and released back to the wild. today is spouse's day. we want to tell you on facebook, what do you want to thank your spouse for today. people checking in, and saying thanks, they want to put the love out there. so we are going to help you put the love out there, not everybody. not everybody with love. stephanie says to the high school sweetheart was a jerk when i married you, you were still a jerk when i got divorced happy jerk day. ouch!
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says i had two major corm surgeries in july of 2015, and was laid up for most of the part for rest of the year, and my wife was a very loving and giving care giver. i couldn't have asked for a better caregivers, love you tonya. also checking in we got the who says i want to thank my husband for making you feel beautiful and telling me he loves me everyday, but he says, love you, derrick. alicia says, my husband allows me to be a be at home mom, and still helps with everybody, the kid, laundry, everything, thank you ryan for everything, and thank you ryan, for making the rest of us look bad. >> in one paragraph, ryan, you ruinedded for the rest of us. >> that's okay, i guess, you are a dude. >> i'm going to go wash something.
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[ laughter ] i don't know why they didn't kel us, so they could keep us from having to go through illnesses. a new water crisis here in ohio. now at 6:30 what state officials are doing to fix it. football is over, and it's not time for baseball. there's a new sport in cincinnati you can checkout today. and paring sport with education. coming up i will tell you about a basketball program that helps keep kids life lessons. and good morning, everyone, thank you for joining us on a tuesday, hope you enjoy what you stepped out into yesterday, and maybe what you stepped out overnight. if you were out overnight. >> my car temperature said 50
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going down now. >> it's going to be pretty rapid. now john was in for john gumm. a lot of us are in the 30s compared to the 50s, sheila was right on. we hit 50 degrees even at the international airport overnight. we didn't see the temperatures overnight, but we did ahead of a cold front that is starting to push in. it's pushing drier air in at least a little bit enough to take the rain off toward the east. we don't have any rain, maybe sprinkles or drisles from time to time -- drizzles from time to time. temperatures at the airport, are dropping quickly. see the blue i shading across northeastern, indiana, those temperatures are starting to others in as temperatures switch around from the south to more of the west eventually northwest. these are sustained winds around 24 at the international airport. gusts around 30 so it's breezy. into the 30s, by late this morning, 34 degrees by the time we ride home on the bus, and
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going to continue to drop. freezing mark. coming in 15 minutes, we are talking more about the slightly cooler weather, and we had bring flurries along with it, not too much to expect with it. we will have more on that with the 50s, and jen has been busy over there this morning. >> reporter: we had an issue earlier at kenwood. right now we only have one accident on the roads and it is report in a busy spot, 275 westbound at 5-mile road, accident reported there, i don't have any reports of lanes blocked or anything like that. if i hear about that, i will let you know, if you see flashing light near i-275, near 5-mile. i do have a camera there. i do have camera where i can show you volume of traffic is starting to pick up. ohio river, no surprise there. 275 near loveland mare loveland madeira, and
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heavy traffic there as well, and 471 looking typical as well if you look at grand, traffic northbound, nothing unusual at this point in time. john. all right, jen. and a new story that jen has been keeping us apprised of. police are looking for a man on a chase at i-71. police are saying that man that stole electronics from wal-mart, and crashed his vehicle near the kenwood exit ramp. jumped out of his suv, and not ra across the interstates and jumped the median. new this morning, the head of ohio cpa, and called the water plant. the operator in see bring, failed to tell the public that they could be drinking dangerous water and testing kits were in the city. dangerous levels of lead and copper were found in seven of older homes. it wasn't until the last week that city officials issued a public notice warning children
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schools canceled in see bring for a third day in a road. and testing officials will hold clinics at the elementary school. happening right now, it's national school choice across the country. thousands of people were there to show their support for school choiceses of the indiana state house. the idea is that your income and zip code shouldn't be determined where your kids go to school. the voucher program, and the most funding for public charter schools in indiana history. >> i honestly, really don't believe you can get the best quality education if i sent him to the school across the street versus where he is now. the indiana speaker was scheduled to testify in front of a congressional committee about indiana's success with charter schools, but the weekend snow delayed those plans. happening today, let the games begin at perfect north slopes. competitive races start for the winter games.
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awards will be presented during' medal ceremony this afternoon. happening today, you can checkout cincinnati's newest sports team up close the first time, and they are hosting a combine open to the public, at wall-to-wall soccer at mason. this is the first time the coaching staff will see the coaches, it's happening tomorrow and thursday as well. perry is here with the sporting link that helps kids, cincinnati is getting ready to start its popular cincinnati league. it pairs with area officials, anded idea to to breakdown barriers to a basketball season that leads to success on and off the court. basketball is the hook, the way to get the kids in the door. what h3 cincinnati provides is much more important than a game.
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get them to connect the youth with the authorities, and the police, and hopefully some at a it will save somebody's life. >> reporter: instead of being just another distraction, this league is full of life's lessons. before the kids step on the court, they have to take classes that extend far beyond the hardwood. their pier mediation, antibullying and financial literary. it's a place to find commonality between the police and the players. >> in this city i see a tremendous divide between the police officers and i believe this will bridge the divide. >> reporter: last year, 270 children participated in the league. coach and officers. >> you haven't seen this before happening. >> no. >> reporter: tian woodforde helped with the program and witnessed firsthand the benefit. it's a negative connotation,
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program it got better to uc they're trying to help you out. you don't see them, like as you see in the news the cop shooting, and kids. you don't see them. you see more like they're human. >> reporter: in the 4th year, h3 insin has been 3 cincy has been a game changer, for the kids, the officers and the cincinnati community. and the league starts in march, and they're still looking for organizers and coaches and players. if you are interested in participating go to if you don't have to be a player, can you be i a mentor. >> absolutely, they need all kind of help. one last plea, what happened
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in a democratic town hall. good morning, cincinnati, it's in the 40s right now. enjoy while it lasts. it's not going to be there much longer. the next hour we're in the 30s. the cold front is moving through town. 30 degrees by the time you are home. lots of clouds around, and the big flurries is the warm up. we're talking about 50s as we are moving for the weekend along with more rain moving in for the latter part of the week. jen, how is traffic this morning.
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one issue on the map right now. and it's on 275 westbound as you pass by mile road. an accident reported there, but that is the only incident, heavy traffic on most of the usual spots, near the cut and the hill, 275 near loveland, madeira, and heavy traffic, again in most of the the usual spots, but nothing terribly unusual at this point. sheila. two men who play basketball here are headed to the super bowl. >> there's a part of the caroline panthers who of course are going up against the broncos in the super bowl. >> he played at anderson high school and went on to star at, and he quickly played, examine and both guys were key players. a crazy record of 17-1. kickly had 17 tackles that is crushing the arizona cardinals on sunday.
6:32 am
uc defensive line man aaron wood on their roster. >> that is vole very cool. >> the great city represented. not the bengals which would be great. coming up stomach pain and nausea would mean a heart attack.
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and woman are not 6:44, developing had morning, the voters are having a town hall debate for the presidential candidate. >> bernie sanders took questions about the healthcare plans and his viability as a candidate. clin clinton reminded voters she has been working on healthcare. >> and when i worked on healthcare in '93 and '94, if you had been around, i was trying to get the universal healthcare coverage working with my husband. >> the ideas i'm talking about are not radical ideas. we may raise taxes but we're also going to eliminate private health insurance premiums for individuals, and for business. all republican and democratic candidates will go in less than a week. it happens on february first. new this morning, president
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legislation to help more americans save for retirement. among the ideas are offering tax credits in small businesses that enroll their employees in retirement plans requiring companies to offer plans for part-time workers. and offering americans to delay their taxes. >> debris, says that it's not part of the missing flight. a piece of metal was found by a fisherman, but it's not belong to the same type of aircraft as the missing flight. it disappeared two years ago -- a a woman's heart attack may have different causes and symptoms. it's first time the association put out a statement on heart attacks in women. there's usually pain in the chest or neck or even the upper stomach. the for women die beet is a -- diabetes is a higher risk phak
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factoralong with high blood pressure. crab says the victims teresa has been forgotten. it shows questions whether stephen avery was treated fairly. but they left it out of the series. levy covered that case when she worked in green bay and is shown in the series. you have a lot more. those are interesting numbers. the cast of big bang theory, behind me, but what about the
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those casts were togethermented online, took the opportunity to add some episode titles to the picture including the one with all the multi-millionaires, and the one where this table could probably by can ta. >> i never knew the two were connected. >> i had no idea. >> you want to talk about some success. >> yeah, matthew perry, he is in a play in london, because that all the big talk. whenever i was talking about the movie the first time for the friends cast were all back together but matthew perry couldn't. he could do the voice what is her nim. the recurring -- >> chandler. >> yeah, i knew. >> i will get there later. >> when you think about, those are janis. >> they were making 1 million plus an episode. >> yeah, you're right.
6:37 am
made $29 million. >> that is the movie -- >> to be in that position to be >> $29 million. >> pretty cool photo. i'm questioning my career choices. [ laughter ] a look at roads, jen, how are we doing out there. >> reporter: we are doing great now. kenwood road. that is all clear. we had one incident at our map, 275 at accident reported westbound near 5-mile road. folks that are headed eastbound from the eastside that, could cause you a slow down. i don't hear of any lane blocked, but you could see flashing lights, so watch for that. we don't have a camera. as we look around the interstates, heavy at all the typical spots. you're heavy from butter milk to the ohio river. let go to i-71, and pfeiffer in both the north and southbound direction, we are seeing heavy traffic, 74, are you quiet this morning. not seeing major back-ups, but
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typical slow down as you pass grand avenue in the northbound direction. nothing terrible there, and the one accident, so we're starting off the morning pretty well. it's warm out there, but it's dropping. >> dropping fast. starting to drop in the 30s across indiana, and we're next in line. it won't too much longer. make sure to get your coat out. >> in the car, it was warm this morning, but i've got it because i'm going to immediate it later. >> i told you about the airport. check this out. the airport only measured 7 inches about, just about. that is a long time ago, 38 years ago they measured when the storm hit. the wind were blowing 50 to 60 piles 60 miles an hour, i would argue that maybe it's more than that. see the snow drift in the back of the build building, snow drifts 15 to 20 feet high. and this is on the ohio river. this that is all the ice, a tugboat got stuck on the river
6:39 am
the guys out there with the ladder. certainly not seeing any like that anytime soon. it's very warm. in fact, no winter weather on the forecast other than flurries. we had some the rainfall, tracking all morning, northern kentucky out toward hillsborough and wilmington, got a few showers, it's dry out of here, and we're mainly dry, a few sprinkles, maybe drizzle from time to time. we have been having the camera, because that is where the temperatures are falling in the 30s, last time you checked in with us, there were no 30s on the map. that was 30 minutes ago, now we're starting to see 36, oxford down to 38, harrison, and the airport is now 39 degrees, it wasn't too long ago, when we were 50 degrees at the airport. that is how fast temperatures are dropping this morning. if you are going out to the bus stop, going out to work, and it's unusually warm, it's not going to be that way for long. the wind switch around to the west behind the cold front, that is what is pulling in the cool
6:40 am
wind gusts up to 30 miles per hour, very, very gusty. if you're out on any of the bridges, you already know that. temperatures 38 degrees by 8:00. in fact, we're at 39 at the airport. it's feeing to continue going to continue to fall. on average 38, some colder than that. 34 degrees by 1:00. sticking with a lot of clouds today, low level moisture move in behind the wraparound moisture, behind the cold front. not a whole lot of sunshine, and not a whole lot of clouds. you can see this behind this. all of this area in gray continuing to push in embedded flurries, most of them are so light hard to pick up on radar. 39 here, here is the warm air, lexington, 48 in jackson where they have more than 20 inches of snow this past weekend, a lot of it is melting forecast. washington d.c. where they had temperatures, and snow. the cooler air is starting to
6:41 am
moving here first moving west to east. as we go throughout next few days, can you see how the air moves in. you don't see a whole lot of blue although the computer models don't do, as we pick up the flurries we see mind the typical cold front behind the flurries. we are starting to see peeks of sunshine on wednesday, certainly by thursday, we have sunshine, that is when we have the chance for more flurries, thursday night into friday morning. temperatures there around 28 degrees for the low. 43 by friday, 54 by around saturday. that is our highest temperature we have here in the planning forecast, and let me get around to 52, and we start to see a little bit in the way of some rain moving late sunday into the day on monday. guys, back to you.
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on a mimi you can see the show at refer bend on july 22nd. right now caller 12 wins three ticket to go. coming up on cbs this morning, the top jobs for 2016. find out which ones have high salaries, we have two hours of local news on "good morning cincinnati" on star 64. a new report on why local
6:43 am
pessimistic about their future. you're not going to be pessimistic after seeing this kid. friend, we're going to meet a 9-year-old girl who frankly scares me. and she should scare the best u don't let her pink outfit and giggles fool you, either. she has a black belt in karate and is a three time national champion in japan. she is trying to raise car karate's profile. karate does make it as a for sport in 2020. she will compete whenever she can. >> she can -- >> let that video roll, as long as they still got them. >> look at her what -- look at her form. >> the woman who runs the dojo where she trains says she was exceptional even at 4 years old. >> at 4. >> there was something special about her. >> look at her face.
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>> yes. >> they should remake karate kid with a woman when she gets a
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